Hassel Free, Guaranteed.

I Can Help You Save Money and Avoid Mistakes

Here are the main points of service I provide to all of my customers.

1. Stay within your budget. Once we establish your budget that is the only range I will use in your searches and viewings. This can only be changed by you.
2. I show you how to establish value. Working directly with people enables me to show them how to know if a home is over priced, well priced or (rarely) underpriced.
3. Resale. This is likely the single most important factor to consider before any purchase. Remember when you are done living in a home you've bought you want someone else's money.
4. Work at you pace. I am very long term minded, I'm 44, been a full time agent for 22 years and hope to retire some time before 70 so It does not matter to me when you buy. If it takes years, months, weeks or days I operate at your pace.
5. Watch out for red flags. This is where experience comes in. Like any occupation the longer you've been doing something the better you should be at it. If I see anything that I believe is cause for concern or could affect you negatively you won't have to ask. I am very vocal and proactive in pointing things out.

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